CD Business Card – What is a CDR Business Card? – The CDR business card is typically available as a 50MB card. Where a recordable card is required with more capacity the DVD Business Cards is an option. The design of the CDR Business Card has a raised section on the reverse silvered side which fits the inner 80mm ring of the CD player; this offers improved readability and reliability over other designs.


What differentiates a CDR from a CD-ROM is that it is factory produced as a recordable blank for “recording” later and then the data and on-body image is applied later.

From placement of order, receipt of the the on-body design, and/or the final data master on a CD-R disc to delivery the period is usually 7 business days, however we have an express route and have turned some projects around in a couple of business days. Please ask and we will work closely with you to ensure your agreed deadlines are achieved.

For a CDR Business Card project we’ll advise and help you through every step of the preparation and production procedure.

Your can supply a match print of your on-body design and any notes of any specific colours to match, if necessary.

Typically the CDR Cards are produced using high resolution printed photo-quality labels, though under certain circumstances we can offer litho and digital printing. We’ll be pleased to advise the best printing process based on your requirements if you provide us with your proposed artwork.

Choose CDR Business Cards:

  • If you want to produce your own CDR cards.
    See CD Business Card Starter Kits and DVD Business Card Starter Kits
  • If you want finished CDR Business Cards for quantities of under 500 of any single on-body design and data content
  • If you want silk screened, litho printed, digitally printed or labelled cards on to which you will burn your data

Options include:

  • Finished cards starting at quantities of 50
  • Silk screened body for quantities of 100 or more
  • Digitally printed – direct on body for 300+
  • Bureau service for burning cards
  • Bureau service for on-body design
  • Bureau service for labelling cards
  • Bureau service for programming your presentation
  • Label applicator
  • Jewel case
  • Bespoke packaging
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